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Our ingredients. What makes MadeFrom different. Food-based supplements.

Our Ingredients

Not all supplements are created equally, and we are on a mission to change an industry which has relied too heavily on synthetic vitamins. People are demanding a return to basis and as a company, basics is where we’re starting; producing high quality supplements with a focus on real food, in a format that’s simple, healthier and more fun.


We think people deserve to know what their supplements are made from. So we make sure you can see exactly what we’re made from – right there on the bottle. No synthetic fillers and unlike our competitors, we don’t hide behind labels like “soft chew excipients”. Just real recognisable ingredients.

At MadeFrom™, what we keep out of our supplements matters just as much as what we put in. No nasties like artificial colours and flavours, artificial sweeteners, palm oil or GMO ingredients, means there’s more room in the bottle for more of the naturally good stuff.

Bottle and label of All Natural Vitamin C gummy
Fresh and natural fruit

Food-based supplements

We believe the best for our body will always be real food - so that's where we start. This means starting with natural, recognisable ingredients from the land, not labs. As the most structurally identical match to the food we eat, natural and food-based supplements are designed by nature to be naturally bioavailable and bioactive for easy absorption.

Quality Ingredients. Right Amounts.

Nearly all supplements today use cheap isolated synthetic forms of vitamins in amounts that are much higher than we actually need. We’ve consciously formulated our vitamins so you and your family get exactly what you need using the highest quality ingredients.


Your health and safety is important to us so we only work with manufacturers that ethically source the best ingredients and are GMP certified. We test every product batch for

Ingredient potency
Heavy metal content
Microbial contaminants and

to ensure the highest quality-nutritional products for you and your family.